Author = Sholeh Arvandi
Port Implantation and Its Side Effects in Cancer Patients: An Oncology Center Experience

Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2016, Pages 51-57

Sasan Razmjoo; Sholeh Arvandi; Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini; Zahra Mazlumi Jalali

Frequency of histological subtypes and patients’ survival with tumors originating from thymus

Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2015, Pages 3-8

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Ali Reza Nezami; Puya Nezami; Sasan Razmjoo; Sholeh Arvandi; Hodjatollah Shahbazian

Histological Subtype and Stage Study of Lung Cancers in Patients Referred to Radiotherapy and Oncology Department from Ahvaz Golestan Hospital for the duration of 2001-2011

Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2015, Pages 9-16

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Sasan Razmjoo; Nasibeh Noshadi; Sholeh Arvandi; Hodjatolah Shahbazian

evaluation of 2 and 5 years survival rate of breast cancer in patients raffered to radiothrapy ward of Ahvaz Golestan hospital in 2001-2007

Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2015, Pages 17-20

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Hojjattollah Shahbazian; Akram Jalili; Sholeh Arvandi; Sasan Razmjoo