Primary Mediastinal Lymphoma; The trend of incidence has turned toward the adults!

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1 Associate Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.

2 Associate Professor of General and Vascular Surgery, Golestan Hospital, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.


Background: Thymoma, lymphoma and neurogenic tumors are accounted as common mediastinal masses. They are more common in youngsters and middle ages. Although, lymphoma is proved to be more common in children, in recent years in our territory, adult cases were more dominant in referrals than previous.
Material and methods: This retrospective review of incidence and pathologic types were performed during last seven years since May 2004. All the patients with mediastinal mass (MM) were admitted in the study with characters of age, sex, clinical manifestations, chest radiography and CT scanning and biopsy for histological results.
Result: A total number of 97 patients, with mediastinal involvement by primary masses, were contributed in this study. Biopsy was taken through the several ways. The numbers of 52(53.60%) “Lymphoma” and 45 (46.40%) cases with other pathologic results were dominantly detected with “tuberculosis”. Two cases of lymphoma was found in two referred cases with MMs Conclusion: Conclusively most of MMs were located in the anterior mediastinum and about more than half of them were lymphoma as the most common malignant histological result. Since, preference of adult involvement was sta-tistically approved, we presumed that incidence of involvement is being turn towards adults in our territory and believe that it has been affected by some effective external factors such as mediastinal tuberculosis which was the second most mediastinal pathology.


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