Dermoid cyst of the cecum: case report

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1 GeneralSurgeon, Department of Surgery, Golestan Hospital, Ahvaz Jondishapour University ofMedical Science (AJUMS), Iran.

2 Pathologist,Departmentof Pathology,IMK Hospital , AJUMS.


Background:Dermoid cyst, also known as mature teratoma  is a benign neoplasia of germ cells and usually is seen  in female or male gonads (ovary or testis). Beside gonads, dermoid cysts sometimes are seen in midline of the body such as sacrocoxygeal area in children or mediastinum, but it is very rare in gastrointestinal tract. The origin of all teratom (either mature  as benign or immature as malignant) is germ cells which are derived from the primary yolk sac in 3rd week of gestation and migrate to primitive sex cord via primary GI tract and dorsal mesentery. Gastrointestinal tract is an unusual site for dermoid cyst to occur. To the best of our knowledge only five cecal dermoid cysts have been reported in the English medical literature since now. We report a dermoid cyst in the cecum of 41 years-old female, causing diagnostic confusion with ovarian tumor


Abdolrahim Nahid (PubMed)(Google Scholar)



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